Albert and Alberta Statues
If it isn't a game day, it can sometimes be difficult to find the real Albert and Alberta. Thankfully the Gator’s mascots have been immortalized in front of the Alumni Association. Now they are always available to take a picture. Whether you are by yourself or with friends, step up on their stand and get a picture taken with these two Gators.

Albert and Alberta

The Bull Gator
The Bull Gator, a large life-like gator statue, can be found right outside of Gate 18 of Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. It’s pretty rare to drive by this iconic statue and not see someone taking a photo with it. If you choose to sit atop the massive gator or sit beside it while doing your best gator chomp, this is a great opportunity to capture memories of your time in Gainesville.

Bull Gator

Heisman Trophy Winners Statues
Outside of Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, facing Gale Lemerand Road, three Heisman-Winning Gators live. Steve Spurrier, Danny Wuerffel and Tim Tebow all have statues to honor their excellence in football during their time at UF. The Gator Chomp, Tebowing and the Heisman are all popular poses to do with these statues. Take a picture with all three of these legends in one stop.

Heisman Statues

Ben Hill Griffin Stadium
Ben Hill Griffin Stadium is home to the Florida Gators. You can enter “The Swamp” to grab pictures of the field where three national titles have been won. If you aren’t in the mood to enter the stadium you can still take excellence pictures of the stadium. One of the best spots to capture the outside of the stadium is from the University of Florida sign on the intersection of University Avenue and Gale Lemorand Road.

Ben Hill Griffin Stadium

UF Bat Houses
The UF Bat Houses are the world’s largest occupied bat houses. On calm, warm evenings just before sunset the bats will emerge like a storm, making for a unique experience you will want to capture with your camera. The bats leave the house in masses, and then fly across Museum Road and over Lake Alice. Great pictures can be taken from either side of the road. How close to the bat houses will you dare to get in order to get that great picture?

Bat House

Solar Walk
The Solar Walk is located on NW 8th Avenue, across from West Side Park. Installed in 2002, the walk consists of 10 monoliths that represent the Sun, the planets and some comets that can be found in our solar system. The space between each monolith is accurately reflected on a 4billion to 1 scale. These structures are covered in information including facts, symbols and poetry. So whether you have a personality as bright as the Sun, are completely down to Earth or have always suspected you may have been born on Mars, take a selfie with the planet that truly speaks to you.

Solar Walk

Murals on 34th Street
The 34th Street Wall is in a constant state of change. Anyone and Everyone are welcomed to come add their personal touch to the wall, resulting in new paintings being added and covered up every day. Take a picture of you with your own personal creation or your favorite painting while you can. With this constant change in art work, it’s pretty hard to find to pictures out there that are the same.

34th St Wall

Thomas Center
As soon as you enter the Thomas Center you will know why it’s one of the more popular venues for weddings in Gainesville. The opportunities for beautiful pictures are endless. The architecture of the building, the giant oak trees, the beautiful landscaping and the water fountain all make for gorgeous backdrops for any picture you can think of.

Thomas Center

Hippodrome Theatre
The Hipp” is a Gainesville staple. What was once a government building is now a marvelous theatre that features over 8 plays, 300 film screenings, 10 festivals and so much on an annual basis. Located in downtown Gainesville, this is a great place to take your picture. The iconic front steps, the large pillars and the stairs on the East side of the building all make for great locations to have your picture taken.

The Hipp